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The idea of the game is to prove that you really can link anything back to Red vs. Blue.

Send a word -any word- and the recipient has to tie that back to something canon in Red vs. Blue.

For fun, the recipient can also -after giving the canon tie-in- give a piece of headcanon about the word in…


I am also interested in this game.


Could somebody explain to me how exactly tumblr works? I have yet to understand.

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check the PIPA tag

“I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to accept that you CAN live without the fucking internet.”

yeah man I know it’s so easy to live without free speech or the ability to see the actual news that our news stations don’t tell us

this is not about people getting indignant over farmland and cat videos on youtube

please come back when you understand the point


I know a lot of people who will simply “acquire” certain media such as music, movies, or TV shows, which is fine. More power to you. You’re just not allowed to complain when Cox sends you a cease and desist letter. But the reason I even bring this up is because there are also a lot of people I know who like certain shows or music or movies and they’d like to see more of that same stuff show up. And I’m not as sure if this applies the the people I know, but I have read a lot of people in forums and on different websites who wonder why certain content is going away if it has such a solid following. Remember what I started talking about at first? Yeah that’s what I mean.

If you enjoy something well enough that you think whoever created it should create more of it, then you should buy their products. You are not allowed to complain that something is not on the air anymore or a band isn’t around anymore (assuming that’s relevant) or a certain show isn’t coming out with episodes as quickly. Yes, maybe these files have hundreds of thousands of peer to peer downloads but guess who doesn’t get to see that (mainly because smart torrenters don’t let them) networks. I’ll use Community as an example because it is an awesome show that shouldn’t be killed off after three seasons (see: Arrested Development). If you’re one of those people who agree that Community is awesome and should be kept on for a fourth season (and a fifth, and a sixth…) then you should be watching this show when it’s on. It’s on NBC. Look it up. Put it in your phone. Do whatever it takes to watch this show when it’s on because NBC will see that, and its ratings will reflect the viewership.

Don’t have cable? Ever heard of Hulu? Hulu is free! That’s exactly as much money as it costs to download the episodes via peer to peer file sharing. And NBC still gets to see how many people are viewing this show. Also, Hulu has this handy thing where you get to rate the show you just watched. It goes on a scale of one to five stars, literally the simplest rating system that’s also mostly fair.

Long story short, support the content you like. I don’t really care if you torrent an album from some band you’ve never heard of or maybe a band that everyone’s telling you to listen to just for trail purposes. If you don’t like it, cool whatever delete it. But if you do, consider actually buying a copy of it to show your appreciation and to support the band in their further endeavors. Same thing applies to TV shows, movies, and video games as well. Use common sense. If you don’t vote (buy a product) you’re not allowed to complain about the results (the product going away/whatever).

Unexpected insight

A little bit of insight from the Rooster Teeth (plug) podcast on the Metric system:

After discussing the benefits of using Celsius instead of Fahrenheit as a temperature gauge, I have to agree with their conclusions. While Celsius is a metric system (divisible by 10 and all that) and easier to divide and multiply, Fahrenheit is a more accurate system for day to day use, making it more convenient. The example they used was in a room (or car maybe, if yours is fancy) taking the temperature down in a room is better using the Fahrenheit system. You can go from 72 to 70 pretty easily, and since there are more divisions it’s more accurate (like measuring to 3 decimal places instead of 2). In celsius, going from 35 to 34 is a bigger jump than going from 72 to 70.

It’s interesting. I like the metric system as it makes sense for measurements, it seems less arbitrary. There’s 5,280 feet in a mile hurr durr. Why does that make sense? Did some king in years gone by order some poor serf to carry a sack of grain as far as he could while he had the court jester count his steps and when this poor serf finally passed out from exhaustion that was considered a “mile” and the number of steps it took to get there were “feet”? Was this serf’s big toe where we get our measurement of an inch from? Arguably any measurement system is inherently arbitrary (you gotta start somewhere) but at least the metric system is divided out in a way that makes it easy to calculate with minimal education. Most people can remember a 10 times table, because it’s just like the 1 times table only you add a zero to the end.

My reaction to Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared


Video game movies

I stumbled across a reddit post about “petitioning” to get Nathan Fillion cast in the role of Nathan Drake for the Uncharted movie. As with any forum there is the natural whirlwind of responses both for and against. There are (thankfully due to reddit’s ranking system) more intelligently laid out comments and even (gasp!) comments that acknowledge the OP’s original point, but then describe why certain other actors would be better.

I’m not sure if anyone who may read this has played the Uncharted series, and if anyone who has happens to read this feel free to weigh in on the guy’s opinion. Basically the guy wants to see Fillion as Drake because of the character he played in Firefly. I’ve never seen the show so I’m not one hundred percent sure of what kind of character that was, but after skimming a few comments, I’m guessing he was the badass of the show, which is why he’d make a good Drake. Let’s not forget that Fillion is also the guy who voices Gunnery Sergeant Buck of Halo: ODST fame, and if you’re familiar at all with the Halo universe you’re well aware that the ODST are arguably the most badass soldiers in said universe.

But (there it is) it had been pointed out several times that Fillion may be too old to play the role. A debate ensued about Drake’s age in the games (31-35 ish) and Fillion’s real-life age (40), which to me seemed like a waste of breath, so to speak. Actors are constantly playing roles of characters younger than them. Usually it’s no more than a few adult years. By this I mean once you reach a certain, “adult” age you tend to not age as quickly/noticeably for a bit. A good example of this is looking at the High School Musical group. Zac Efron was already 19 in the first movie, in which he plays a 16 year old. This is only a difference of 3 years maybe, but I certainly don’t look the same now as I did when I was 16 or 17. For starters I can grow a beard now, whereas before I couldn’t even really get 5 o’clock shadow going for a few days. I’ve grown a bit and my voice has changed even more, but more importantly I didn’t look 16 at 19. Which brings up another point. I didn’t look 16 at 19, but Zac Efron is 24 now and still looks like he’s 18. There are just some people that look younger, and if they can pull off the role while still relating to the audience then more power to them. In the case of Fillion playing Drake, if he really wants this role and the director is willing to cast him in the role, he will do what it takes to look the part, because that’s what a good actor would do.

Long story short, the original poster poised the question of Nathan Fillion, others had said that Bradley Cooper would be a better actor for the role (I could see it), and someone even suggested Mark Wahlberg (NO.) Several other people suggested other movies they’d like to see out of video games. Other than the obvious Halo suggestion, presumably because those replies got down-voted into oblivion, somebody suggested games like Bioshock and Skyrim, though the latter would be hard to pare down to a length that moviegoers would be able to stomach in a single sitting, unless you got Peter Jackson to direct it. 

This post got a little longer than I had expected, so I’ll wrap up with this: the Bioshock suggestion got me thinking and I like the thought of it being a movie. The effects would have to be amazing though. I also like the thought of a Halo movie, I’m not big on an Uncharted movie, someone else suggested an Assassin’s Creed movie and I think I’d watch that also. What other video games/franchises would you like seen done up on the big screen?